Due to the seriousness of the occasion, I thought it best to document our meeting minutes in a form that is easy to access as often as may be required.

Janette Baker, who served as Recorder for the Pastor Search Committee, recorded the minutes.

Gethsemane Baptist Church
Congregational Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2020

11:45 AM
Pastor Donnie Hale opened the meeting by thanking the search committee and congregation for their roles in the pastoral search. He proceeded to present the following motion:

Gethsemane Baptist Church calls Pete Thompson as its next Lead Pastor, per the terms of the Letter of Calling presented by the Pastor Search Committee and as approved by Mr. Thompson.

Lola Mowers made the motion, which was seconded by Eric Van Meter. Pastor Hale opened the meeting for questions and comments. Lola asked what role Pastor Hale would play if Pete Thompson was voted in as Lead Pastor. Pastor Hale affirmed his continued ministry at GBC in tandem with Pete to establish a plurality of elders, with Pete taking the lead teaching role. Brian Heskitt inquired about the results of reference checks, asking if there was any cause for concern. Andy Evans (Chair of the Pastor Search Committee) answered that there was not. Lola asked if the Thompsons were planning to move to the area, and Pastor Hale affirmed that they were and wished to be established long-term in the community.  Pastor Hale read Romans 15:13 to the congregation and exhorted them to proceed by faith.

12:00 PM
A congregational vote was held by anonymous ballot. The result was a unanimous affirmation of the motion to call Pete Thompson as the Lead Pastor of GBC. Pastor Hale announced the result and mentioned that Pastor Thompson’s start date was contingent on them finding housing in the area.  He mentioned that an installation service would be planned as well.

12:05 PM
Pastor Hale closed the meeting in prayer.

I again want to extend my thanks to the Pastor Search Committee for the many meetings and long hours they put in to try to go about this process in an intentional and God-honoring manner. I also want to thank the entire congregation of Gethsemane Baptist Church for its support over the last seven years. It’s hard for me to believe it’s been that long. I’m looking forward to many more years being a pastor-elder in this fellowship. You all truly are men and women of whom the world is not worthy.

Pastor Hale