Ancient of Days

Verse 1:
Though the nations rage, kingdoms rise and fall,
there is still one King reigning over all.
So, I will not fear for this truth remains:
that my God is the Ancient of Days.

None above Him. None before Him.
All of time in His hands.
For His throne, it shall remain and ever stand.
All the power, all the glory, I will trust in His name.
For my God is the Ancient of Days.

Verse 2:
Though the dread of night overwhelms my soul,
He is here with me. I am not alone.
O, His love is sure and He knows my name.
For my God is the Ancient of Days.

Verse 3:
Though I may not see what the future brings,
I will watch and wait for the Savior King.
Then, my joy complete, standing face to face
in the presence of the Ancient of Days.


Ancient of Days
Words and Music by Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, Michael Farren, and Jesse Reeves
© 2018 CityAlight Music. CCLI Song #7121851

Recorded version:
CityAlight; recorded live at St Paul’s Castle Hill Church, Australia.
EP: Yet Not I.

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