Option 1: If Your Bank Uses Zelle
Most banks now have their own online portals and mobile apps for sending money to trusted individuals or organizations. If your bank uses Zelle to send money, then you can send Gethsemane Baptist Church your gift right from your own bank’s app or online portal. Contact us for the email address you need to donate via Zelle.

View this list of participating banks that use Zelle. (For example, as of August 2020, participating banks include: Chase, PNC, Fifth Third, Huntington, US Bank, and many others.)

Option 2: If Your Bank Does NOT Use Zelle
If your bank does not use Zelle to send money, you can easily create a Zelle account yourself and use the Zelle app to send your offering from your bank to Gethsemane Baptist Church’s bank. If you have a debit card, you can create a Zelle account. No fees are charged to set up the account. Once you set up the Zelle account, you then can use the Zelle app.  Contact us for the email address you need to donate via Zelle.

To get started in setting up your own Zelle account, click HERE.


You may always give at our Sunday Worship Services by placing your cash or check gifts in the offering box located just inside the sanctuary. If you’d like to receive a year-end receipt for tax purposes, cash gifts should be placed in a giving envelope with your name and address on it.


Gethsemane Baptist Church
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Note: Gethsemane is a non-profit organization. All of your donations are tax-deductible.