The Temple and the Presence of God (Part 2)

The biblical teaching on “temple” and “God’s presence” is one of the most vivid themes in Scripture; a theme that helps us see that the entirety of Scripture’s story is all connected. “Temple” is the holy place where God’s presence is focused, in order for His glory to be seen by His people. The story of the temple in Scripture is the story of God bringing His people once again into His presence.

Last week we looked at how this theme is described early in Scripture:
– Eden: temple of God
– Fall: Man thrust out of Eden; no longer in God’s presence
– Exodus 40: Tabernacle

Today we continue by looking at:
– the temple as it’s seen later in the Old Testament
– the relationship of Jesus to the temple
– where the church fits into this picture
– the final fulfillment of “the temple”