Week 7 of the Ohio Stay-at-Home Order.
read out loudsing out loud… and pray out loud.
We have need of endurance.

Sunday Morning Worship:  May 3, 2020

  • Scripture Reading: Acts 20:17-38
  • Opening Prayer: 
    –  Give praise for the finished work of Christ and for His salvation
    –  Give thanks for God’s Word
    –  Make supplications and prayers
    1. for God to give each of us (and you personally) a true thirst for His Word
    2. for discernment and grace as we continue the search for an additional pastor/elder
    3. for the governing officials during this virus and:
      –  May we remember and trust that God Almighty is truly sovereign over every detail
      –  May He use this time to open people’s eyes to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Do you have someone in mind? Pray for them by name)
    4. for your brothers and sisters in Christ at Gethsemane


Children’s Extras:
(1)  Choose one of the following verses to copy in your best handwriting. Make another copy and send to Pastor Hale!  🙂
–  2 Timothy 2:15   2 Tim 2v15 PreK Copy or Trace (pdf)
–  Colossians 1:28
–  Ephesians 4:12
–  1 Timothy 3:1
–  Proverbs 3:5, 6  Prov 3v5 PreK Copy or Trace (pdf)
–  Psalm 145:8, 9

(2)  Color Sheets  Pray for our pastor, 05-03-2020 (pdf)