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For the week of  September 16, 2019

My Prayer for the Furnace
How I Ask God to Heal

Should we pray for healing or God’s will?… Both.  “We come to Him believing that He will heal, and believing that if He does not, it will be because He has a better plan and a higher aim in mind.”

Praying Beyond the Prayer Card

Pray for your children. A mother writes, “I no longer want a list of simplistic prayers supported by isolated Bible verses to inform my petitions to God for my daughter. I need a robust vision of the life God casts in his word, a life that is not defined by radical individualism, personal fulfillment, and self-actualization via Christianity. Instead, I need a vision that is informed by our identity as adopted children of God who are members of the household of faith.”

How Do I Choose a Spouse?
Seven Principles for Marrying Well

Wise principles written by a father, “Besides our children’s decision to follow Jesus, the most important decision they will make is whom to marry.”