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For the week of  October 1, 2019

True Friendship   (Audio)

We may have plenty of acquaintances, but they’re not the same thing as true, biblical friendships. Alistair Begg teaches how to cultivate healthy, lifelong relationships that strengthen our devotion to God.

8 Ways to Battle ‘Comfort Idolatry’

Here are eight ways a churchgoing Christian can proactively attack, or preventatively avoid, comfort idolatry in the Christian life. “Comfort idolatry is the product of a consumerist context that frames everything—including spiritual things—in terms of expressive individualismself-fulfillment, and “bettering yourself.”

Parents Are Works in Progress  (Audio)

“If you’re honest as a parent, there are few things you’ll ever identify in your children’s lives that you can’t find artifacts of in your own. That’s the gospel in parenting. Every moment that I’m parenting, the wise heavenly Father is parenting everybody in the room, because everybody in the room still needs to be parented. Forget that, and you’ll have shockingly self-righteous things to say.” — Paul Tripp