“If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

If God Is on Our Side

Verse 1:
If God is on our side,
What problem should we fear?
What mountain can remain
When Sov’reign God is here?

His Word is sure.
Rejoice and rest,
For all is working for our best.

Verse 2:
If we are now in Christ,
The reign of sin is done.
The holy life of God
Is ours in Christ His Son.


Verse 3:
What sorrows here below,
What powers high above
Can take us from His arms
Or quench our Father’s love?



Words: Ken Bible (1950-  ); altered w/o permission
© Copyright 2004 LNWHymns.com. CCLI Song #4345536. All rights reserved.
Music: John Darwall (1731-1789)
Music public domain.
pianist: E. Zacek